Apps for Creating AR
There are so many new AR apps added frequently, so read the reviews of the app, try it and make your own evaluation of what you would like to use.

DMD Free.pngDMD - This will allow you to create a 360˚ of a room or location.

123D Catch app.png
123D Catch - By taking photos of an object from all sides, the software will "stitch" it together to reveal a 3D model. It takes a few tries to gett he hang of the photo locations.


Auras are augmented reality actions - such as a photo or video overlaid on a static image, or an animation overlaid on a cereal box. They can be recognized in any place regardless of geographic location.


Kudan- created in Europe. Check out their blog and samples
Also download and print these markers:
Marker Book

Screen_Shot_2012-04-30_at_1.15.47_PM.png Pyrite - Augmented Reality (compatible with iPad 2 with 3G, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s – will not run on iPod Touch, iPhone 3G or 3GS)

Screen_Shot_2012-04-30_at_2.03.41_PM.pngFetch! Lunch Rush -
In this Augmented Reality, multi-player game, you need to keep up with lunch orders from Ruff’s movie crew. The challenge is keeping track of how many pieces of sushi everyone wants.

Screen_Shot_2012-05-01_at_12.53.00_PM.png SeKai Camera- The map (on the website) is showing "Air Tags" around the world being posted now. You can see "who" is posting, "what" kind of tag and "where". Great for tours.