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Make a Sasquatch Movie!!

1. First, print this card………..LivingSasquatchFootprint
2. Go to this site to create an animated movie with Sasquatch creature
This site only requires the printed “footprint” symbol and a webcam, of course with your own imagination and creativity. No download required.
My Sasquatch Movie Example

Take the Wheel! of a Nissan Car

Website for Nissan 370Z
Print this first–> Nissan_ar-code

Print the symbol, point it at webcam and see the car in your hand!
This requires just the printed symbols and a webcam, no download required

Fireworks in your hand!

This one is very cool! But, a warning–> this is a Japanese site so follow these translated directions to see the fireworks.
1. Print this marker first –>Fireworks_hanabi-marker
2. Go to this website
3. When you see the marker on the screen, and the “sky” darkens a little, Click your mouse on the screen to create a fireworks show!